Friday, 1 December 2006

London IA Book club

Went along to the London-IA meet up last night. It was fine, never been to one before, so wasn't really sure what to expect.

In the end Leisa turned up with Karl from Flow and his client Alan. Plus Leo, Theba, and a bunch of others that i unfortunately didn't get to meet as i had to scoot off.

Had some interesting chats. No-one really seems to care that much about my current obsession with planning, which is pretty reasonable. Especially as the title of 'planner' seems to apply to lots of different jobs. (eg, Alan the client fella said 'we have planners' then described a mini-project manager)

The IA book club is a go-er, with B.J. Fogg's Persuadability being the first book. It's a bit pricey, and a bit old news, but it's definitely interesting. We'll have it at each other's offices so that we get to have a bit of a poke round each other's offices and can actually hear each other. Few bottles of wine etc.

Need to set a date, probably in the new year, to give time to buy it and read it etc.

Other things that cropped up - use of the word 'creative' purely for design departments, wrong wrong wrong. Design Smackdown - more of which later. Diversity of backgrounds.


leisa said...

Nice chatting with you last night. Looking forward to the bookclub and smackdown - should be fun! :)

I'm sure if you found the right kinds of IAs to talk to about the Planner stuff you'd get a lot more interest. It's probably much more relevant to 'agency' IA's than it is to consultant type and other type IAs. :)

David Carruthers said...

Possibly. I also think i need to be a bit clearer why IAs should care about it in the first place. ie, the basic 'what's in it for me?'.

I'll probably find in a while it's all totally irrelevant.