Thursday, 27 September 2007

Awful product titles

Check out the titles of these products seen at the airport. Above was the “apple ipod”, below the “iRiver citrix”. Then these, which have had thousands of hours of design put into them, until some lazy nob-end product managers give them these names.

How enticing are those names?

They’re a barrier rather than attracting.

“Hey Jack, is that the new Samsung YP-19JBZB? Wicked!”

Lack of thought in design.

This really pissed me off last night.

The labels that evans cycles uses are huge, especially when you consider the size of most products to do with cycling.
It means that much of the useful information (burntime / candle power / etc) that you would use to compare products are completely blocked out.

As these products range from about £9-50, comparing them is really essential. Why does the barcode need to be so large?as

Tiny things that aren’t thought about that ruin the experience.


Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Truth in advertising my big. fat. arse.

What a crock of sh*t. Seriously. Do you know anyone with a Blackberry?
What 'more fun' do they have as a result of ownership?
It's sooooo much fun to be able to receive emails from work whilst at a friend's dinner party.

If you watch the video, the last thing he says is "The future is now."
Terry McBride. You, sir, are a twat.

Monday, 10 September 2007

Best button ever

Seen on an e-commerce site recently

That really made me laugh.

I'm probably over tired.