Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Essential for planners, useful for IAs

I've just started reading Truth, Lies and Advertising which is the most consistently name checked and recommended book I've so far seen on planning. And after 20 pages on the bus home I'm already intrigued by what's coming.

It sounds like it will have some real relevance to IA - and i've been stuck a few times at how similar the roles sound. Take this as an example:
The planner's role was basically to embrace consumers as partners in the process of developing advertising, to use their input at every stage of the process to inform and sometimes even inspire creative campaigns.
Does that not sound familiar? Swap 'advertising' for 'digital communications', 'online interactions' or just plain old 'websites' and suddenly you've got a UCD practitioner, or Information Architect.

I think this could all be huge amounts of fun. More after tomorrow's bus ride.

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