Monday, 4 December 2006

Similarities between planners & IAs

Here's a quick take on what i thik the similarities are between the two disciplines before i head off to bed.

Work Similarities:
A desire to commission and facilitate research
A desire to deal with 'real people'
A belief in 'user/consumer input'

Personality trait similarities:
Huge variety in backgrounds (reducing on the IA side as more and more come via specific degree courses)
Broad range of diverse interests
Tendency to 'over think' problems
Insecure, but confident in intellectual abilities
Slightly 'odd'
Elements of artistic tempremant
Desire not to be pigeon holed

Work Differences:
Planners desire to create great advertising that increases the value of the brand
IAs desire to create great user experiences that increase the value of the brand

I think most, if not all, of these traits apply to all the IAs I've met, and the few planners I've met too.


Ben Mason said...

Are you calling me an over-thinking, slightly odd, insecure anti-pigeon?

David Carruthers said...

I think you've just summed up half of the traits with that question!

what have i missed? which ones are rubbish.