Friday, 18 May 2007

Turning the tables

It's sometimes great working for an agency, you can drift in to a redesign project and roll your eyes at the craziness of the previous design, tut and sigh and the lack of thought and innovation, then perch atop your high horse for a while.

Designing internal sites is a totally different ball game. It is the poisoned chalice. Because it represents 'the agency' everyone demands that it's the best ever, but gives you resources for the smallest ever.
You need a thick hide to deal with all the people who know better and would've done a far better job. Who preach without any idea of the politics, pain, time constraints, normal workload, cooks/oars, etc.

We're redesigning our current site at the moment, which i confess to having a hand in - and admit could be MUCH better. But it's still annoying having to listen to 13 people in a meeting room roundly slag it off.
For 4 hours.

I'm off to lick my wounds.

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