Friday, 25 May 2007

I love loving clients

I've been really lucky recently with some fantastic clients recently.

It's brilliant when you love your clients. Not only the people you're working with, but what the actual company does/stands for/sells. You do better work and enjoy it more.

Of all the companies that i think get it right in everyway - both for their customers, and also for their employees, I think Waitrose are it. My wife gets bored of me going on about what a brilliant company they are. And John Lewis overall. They sell great stuff, they're totally fair with you as a consumer, they are ethical in their trading, the employees are all partners who own the company. I haven't met a single person who works for waitrose who isn't absolutely lovely. They have an orchestra, a choir, boats for the partners to use, their own organic farm, holiday places for the partners to use, clubs for every possible interest. Basically, if you want to work in retail, go and work for Waitrose/John Lewis.
I think it's remarkable, and brilliant, that the new Chief Exec of Waitrose started 25 years ago as a management trainee.

It's easy finding something to love about a client when they're that good.

There should be something you can find to love about every client. How are you going to convince others with your messaging if you don't buy it yourself?

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Just out of interest, from Euro IA poster - Perfect Client