Friday, 26 January 2007

IA Book club - FULL UP!

Amazingly, what i thought would be the world's most boring idea, an IA book club, has actually proven quite popular.

We've got 15 people coming now, and i think that's probably enough so I'll have to cap it there.

We'll see if this is too many and it needs to be smaller, or whether it can cope with more in the future.

I'd better get reading...

(p.s. my new colleague, the lovely Kamila, has already dissed the book. After i was enthusing about it, she had a look at it and said "the research he cites is good, but the thesis is intellectually weak". She's much cleverrerererer than me so i hope when i read it again i don't find out it's actually a load of rubbish. s'a good starting point for the book club discussion though)

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Olly said...

Well in that case I may have to gatecrash! I may be in London that day, I'd love to come along if I'm in town. Will you turn me away at the door?

xx Olly