Tuesday, 19 December 2006

The Horror of 'Passionate' people

I'm checking out a lot of CVs at the moment as we try and recruit a few people. (Any interesting and interested IAs who for some reason are reading this, drop me a line if you fancy a chat). And I'm starting to hate anyone who is 'Passionate' about something in their CV.

I am 'Passionate about interaction
xxxx is Passionate about usability
I am passionate about creating compelling experiences
I have a passion for online.

For goodness sake. This is surely an overstatement of your views? I'm passionate about my wife, I'm passionate about winning the final goal at table football with my mates in the pub. If you're passionate about information architecture, where do you go for the other bits of your life?

I confess. I am not 'passionate about creating compelling experiences'. I like doing it alot, and I can do it pretty well, but let's get some perspective.

here's some that pop up with a quick blog search:
"Passion for UCD principles with an understanding of human factors, usability heuristics and methodologies, industry best practices, and social research methods"

Absolutely top class award winning global interactive marketing agency is looking for an experienced online information architect with a passion for creativity."

"Passion for design and eagerness to collaborate with other creative people Passion for and commitment to the profession of visual communication"

"Showcase your creativity, strong work ethic and passion for web design at a company where your talents and career can thrive!"
We are looking for people who have solid research or industry background on information retrieval and extraction, are proud of their contributions and have a passion to apply their knowledge to a consumer product."
" As a Web Strategist this is a passion topic to me"
"We are looking for candidates with a passion for security"
"User experience is your passion: you can predict and describe user behavior"

I think Teachers are allowed to be passionate about their jobs, maybe doctors. But when people start having a 'passion for network architecture' it's just wrong.


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Owen said...

I know this is an old post, but thank god!! I thought it was only me who found it kind of creepy when people used the "P" word