Saturday, 25 November 2006

Information Architecture & Planning 2

What agencies currently have both IAs and Planners?

And how do they work together currently?

What used to be Wheel (now LBi) definitely does/did, but friends from the framfab side of things who work there hadn't really heard of the role.

(If this blog is about anything, it's about trying to help me figure out what are the most fun bits of the two jobs, and whether i can just do those bits.
I've got a big amazon order coming soon full of books about planning)

Where's the fun? It's in finding people who've already been down the road i'm starting to plod.


richard huntington said...

Welcome to the plannersphere David.

Really interested in your journey - never heard of IA before so loads to learn from you.

David Carruthers said...

Thanks Richard. The 'plannersphere' eh?

i thought the air seemed more rarefied.